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An Israeli Interlude

We had a jam packed meeting schedule for the majority of the time we spent in Israel recently, but given it was Stuart’s first opportunity to join me on a visit here I wanted to make sure we had some time for him to see some of the beautiful and incredibly diverse sights that are […]

48hrs in the Windy City

Stuart’s love of running marathons has given me the opportunity to visit some great places around the world, and I was thrilled when he announced that his next marathon would take place in Chicago. Chicago is a place I’ve never visited previously, Stuart’s been there multiple times as it plays host to ASCO (one of […]

An Iconic Move

It’s been a really exciting time as Icon Group’s expansion into Asia continues to gain momentum.  Our recent acquisition of Singapore Oncology Consultants has not only given us the opportunity to work with a fantastic new team in Singapore, but is opening the door on a whole range of additional opportunities.  We recently welcomed a […]