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Finding a way to see Launceston #throughglass

Each year we head to Launceston for one of the Hawks’ AFL games. We always have a great weekend catching up with friends both at the game and in an associated round of activities that has now become tradition. This was my first visit since I got Glass and I was really looking forward to […]

Niagara Falls #throughglass

I do need to be upfront here and declare that not all of the pictures taken at Niagara Falls were actually taken with Glass. Partially, because despite leaving New York with a fully charged up unit, it was running one of the battery sucking XE versions. By the time I got to the Falls 3 […]

My top NYC tips

After a week of busily tweeting and instagramming my way around New York, I’ve had a couple of requests to write a post about my favorite things to do and see in the city, so here it is! I’m sure it will come as no surprise that shopping is always high on my New York […]

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