Category: Women in Leadership

Why risk is an entrepreneur’s best friend

Entrepreneurs are by nature risk takers, and I’m often asked the question as to how you can get comfortable living with risk.  I think the ability to make friends with risk is what sets entrepreneurs apart. Pretty much everybody I’ve ever met has an idea that could potentially be a business, but there are two […]

How a program to support Indigenous Australians originated from a journey through women’s networks around the world

We’re so excited to announce that we are supporting the new Hawthorn Football Club Indigenous Program (HIP) through Epic Good. Details of the program can be found here, but I wanted to share with you some of the back story as to how this came about. The common thread weaving through the story is the […]

Strange Childhood Obsessions

As the world’s media awaits the arrival of the latest royal baby, I had a reminder this week of what a huge event the arrival of that baby’s father was in my childhood. My mum is visiting, and brought with her a recently rediscovered component of my childhood obsession, much to the great amusement of […]

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