Category: Travelling with Google Glass

Oktoberfest 2014 #throughglass

Here in Germany, Oktoberfest has officially started, so it’s time to don the dirndls and lederhosen and head out to join in the fun. We arrived to find a street parade in full swing, with brass bands, no shortage of traditional costumes, and decorated horse drawn carts. As one of the bands passed, Stuart swung Sascha […]

Bavaria #throughglass

With  Expopharm  wrapped up, it’s time to see some of the sights of Bavaria. The Bavarian kings loved a good castle, so first up we visited Nyphenberg Palace in Munich itself, the summer home built in the 1600s. The interior was stunning and the gardens were incredible! It was perfect for a beautiful stroll on […]

Lockhart River Learning

Despite living in Australia all my life, I’ve never visited any Indigenous communities, or really even ventured too far off the beaten track. So, when the opportunity rose to join a trip to Lockhart River, an Indigenous community in Cape York in Far North Queensland, I jumped at the chance. The trip was organised by […]