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How often does your day start with a big juicy frog?

We’ve all got things on our to do lists  we just don’t want to do. The one that you look at every day and find a reason not to do. Common excuses I like to make include: ‘another day won’t hurt,’  ‘I’m not in the right mood to do that justice now,’  and, ‘I just […]

Lessons from SharkTankAU

I love the water cooler conversations at our office on Monday mornings now revolve around the previous night’s episode of Shark Tank.There’s a lot of assessment of the worthiness of the business ideas pitched, the often seemingly crazy valuations presented, and the decision of the sharks to invest — or more commonly not — on […]

Supporting women in sport is a win for everyone

There is a significant gap in the funding, recognition and support given to women’s sport in Australia in comparison to what’s provided to men’s sport. Despite the success of our female athletes on the world stage, their ability to attract corporate sponsorship is in no way equal to their male peers and this translates into much […]

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