Category: Business Leadership

Ten Years of DWEN

This week I joined another 110 female entrepreneurs from 20 countries at Dell’s 10th DWEN (Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network) Summit in Singapore. I haven’t been to all ten summits, but I have only missed one since my first in 2012 – which unexpectedly saw me, along with 2 fellow Aussies, up on the screen as […]

My takeaways from Fortune Brainstorm Health 2019

Iโ€™ve just attended this years Fortune Brainstorm Health event in San Diego, where the theme was Healthโ€™s Bottom Line, and how the various inputs and outputs at both an individual and society level had the potential to impact on the end patient outcomes. For me though there were two major streams of thought that I […]

The Iconic Women Podcast is Born!

Last year we launched our Iconic Women program at Icon Group with a goal of forming connections between the huge number of women who work across the Group, and providing a way of supporting each other and lifting each other up. Iโ€™m a huge fan of the power of story sharing, and weโ€™ve seen over […]

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