Month: March 2016

Easter in NYC

Spending the Easter break in New York has become a family tradition, and while there are some things that are annual must-do’s (5th Ave Easter Parade, Easter Bunny bringing Reese’s pieces eggs, visiting the Easter display in Rockefeller Plaza & its freaky plant rabbit) each year we try and find something new and different to […]

DC Blooms in a truly spectacular way

We were having dinner in New York with our friend Melissa on Thursday night when she happened to mention how beautiful the cherry blossoms were in Washington at present. Now regular readers of this blog may remember I went a little Sakura-crazy in Tokyo last year when we were there at the tail end of […]

Australia on a plate (or 13…)

After our day out foraging, what we’d originally viewed as the main event – dinner at Noma Australia – felt instead more like the highly anticipated second act of a very enjoyable theatre production. We regrouped as old friends after out shared experience earlier in the day, and eagerly awaited the discovery of who we had been […]

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