Month: April 2015

Strange Childhood Obsessions

As the world’s media awaits the arrival of the latest royal baby, I had a reminder this week of what a huge event the arrival of that baby’s father was in my childhood. My mum is visiting, and brought with her a recently rediscovered component of my childhood obsession, much to the great amusement of […]

Officially Obsessed with Cherry Blossom

Our ten-year-old has wanted to go to Japan to see the cherry blossoms ‘for his whole life,’ and when this years’ cherry blossom festival coincided with school holidays, we decided this was the year to make that life goal happen. Who knows what will now replace it as his new focus, but given that Tokyo […]

Why I won’t be buying the iWatch

Like many others, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the iWatch with the hope that Apple will again deliver a game changer, a product that you didn’t even know you needed until it appeared and then rapidly reached a point of wondering how you ever existed without it. The iPod, iPhone and iPad all delivered […]