Month: March 2015

The lowdown on Operation Epic

If you’ve been waiting for the lowdown on all things Operation Epic since my last post, here it is! As always, the team didn’t disappoint with all of the body systems well represented and dressed accordingly. Andrew and Stuart kicked off the day, starting as the left and right sides of the brain. While the right […]

Dressing up & getting the job done!

We’re big fans of fancy dress at Epic.  Pretty much every event we run is themed, and people go to amazing lengths to outdo each other with their costumes and interpretation of the brief.  It’s become a key part of our culture, and one that I think is a significant contributor to our success. We […]

How often does your day start with a big juicy frog?

We’ve all got things on our to do lists  we just don’t want to do. The one that you look at every day and find a reason not to do. Common excuses I like to make include: ‘another day won’t hurt,’  ‘I’m not in the right mood to do that justice now,’  and, ‘I just […]