Month: January 2015

The latest fitness craze and you don’t even need to leave the couch!

The newest fitness craze doesn’t involve weights, cardio exercise or even getting off the couch, in fact the only muscles that get a workout are your thumbs. There is a growing momentum around training for our most important body part, our brains. With the incidence of conditions like dementia on the rise, it’s little wonder significant […]

The final miles of the rebrand roadtrip

Long before September’s public announcement of our move from APHS to Epic Pharmacy, our Brand and Communication team started a task of (dare I say it) epic proportions — tracking down every place the old logo and branding appeared and planning its removal. There began a journey best described by the words of Dr Seuss, ‘Oh the […]

The joys of an InstaHoliday

We’ve just got back from a lovely holiday in Hawaii, but over the summer I’ve also enjoyed traveling all over the world to vastly different countries and climates from the comfort of my desk (or sun lounge).  One of the joys of social media is that we can now live vicariously through our friends’ travels, […]

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