Vivid Sydney #throughglass

I’ve always wanted to visit Vivid in Sydney, but I’ve never found myself there at a time that coincides with this amazing festival of light.

This year I was invited to a function not only during Vivid but on the waterfront with spectacular views of the Opera House, which takes centre stage in the event so I couldn’t RSVP fast enough!

I’m sure when Jorn Utzon designed the opera house he hadn’t envisaged the sails would provide a magnificent canvas for projecting an ever-changing light display, but it works to stunning effect.

I went for a quick walk around Circular Quay before the event started and loved seeing how many people had come out to enjoy the spectacle. There were children everywhere, excitedly chattering and not knowing where to look next, and many many people in wheelchairs  it was great to see that the organisers had reserved sections along the harbour front for priority access so they could get an uninterrupted view. Unsurprisingly there were photographers everywhere you looked, from the super serious with tripods and gear to the iPhone selfie snappers, not a selfie stick in sight though which was a nice surprise!




After the event I headed back out and walked up towards the Harbour Bridge, with thousands still out doing the same.



It’s a while since I charged up my Google Glass but I thought Glass would provide the ideal way to capture photos while still enjoying the spectacle, and it certainly did.The majority of these photos are taken with Glass, but there are a couple of iPhone snaps as well.

Vivid is an amazing spectacle, and I’m so pleased to have finally had the chance to be on Sydney and experience it. I’ll definitely come back and bring Stuart and the kids next year, its now on my not to be missed list!

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