Visiting The Met #throughglass

On our recent trip to New York we went to The Met.

We decided to visit the museum after the great time we had on The Big Egg Hunt NY over Easter, as they have some gorgeous Fabergé eggs on display.


This was the first time I’d taken Glass to a museum, and while the signs all said photos were welcome so long as flash wasn’t used, I was a little uncertain as to how the guides might receive it.


There were no issues whatsoever, a couple of them asked about it, but purely from a curiosity and interest perspective rather than with any negativity. As always, it was a great way to take pictures as we wandered around, and also helped me to quickly access information to try and appear that I was staying one step ahead of my nine-year-old who has an incredible knowledge of Greek mythology and Egyptology courtesy of his love of Rick Riordan books!


The Met is such a beautiful space, with only a few short steps separating you from a multitude of different wonders.

One minute you can be admiring a room full of works by Monet:

…Then discover a world of intricately patterned china:

…Before the magnificence of the open spaces containing their enormous sculptures:

The brief visit we had was nowhere near long enough to discover even a fraction of the treasures that the Met holds, so we will definitely be back on our next NYC trip.

I was especially thrilled with how welcoming the Met was to Glass, but what else would you expect from a museum forward thinking enough to have its guides running tours via Google Hangouts!

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