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Insights from the Next Generation

Last year’s inaugural Fortune Most Powerful Women Next Generation Summit was a fantastic experience (you can read about it here), so when I was fortunate enough to be invited again this year I jumped at the chance. With more than 50 speakers scheduled over the two days there was going to be no shortage of […]

Leadership Learnings on Necker Island- Part 3

After a great first couple of days (which you can read about in my previous posts Part 1 and Part 2), where we were challenged and inspired by fantastic stories of purpose driven success, our final sessions were designed to highlight the important role physical and emotional health play in achieving our goals.  Once again, Business Chicks and Virgin Unite […]

The Next Generation of Powerful Women – a force to be reckoned with

Why did Fortune Magazine expand their Most Powerful Women activities to include a new event this year, the Next Gen Summit in San Francisco? Because while women only make up  5% of CEO numbers, there is a critical need to provide platforms that inspire and engage leadership aspirations in women who can contribute to changing […]