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A Morning with Monet 

When I bought my first house in Melbourne back in the mid 1990’s it came complete with run down unloved garden, and as soon as the first priority of eliminating the 70’s Mission Brown paint trim from all of the exterior door and window trims was complete, I bought the Australian Womens’ Weekly Monet’s Garden […]

An Israeli Interlude

We had a jam packed meeting schedule for the majority of the time we spent in Israel recently, but given it was Stuart’s first opportunity to join me on a visit here I wanted to make sure we had some time for him to see some of the beautiful and incredibly diverse sights that are […]

48hrs in the Windy City

Stuart’s love of running marathons has given me the opportunity to visit some great places around the world, and I was thrilled when he announced that his next marathon would take place in Chicago. Chicago is a place I’ve never visited previously, Stuart’s been there multiple times as it plays host to ASCO (one of […]