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What does six times the weight of gravity feel like?

I ticked off another step in my space readiness program with the completion of G Force training at the NASTAR facility in Philadelphia last week. We’ll experience G forces on both the exit and the re-entry to the earths atmosphere, and the experience can be pretty intense given re-entry involves six times the weight of […]

The next chapter in the Icon story begins

Today marks the formal beginning of the next chapter for Icon, as our new investment partners formally enter the business and Quadrant exits.  We announced the transaction back in late May  and have been working closely with our new partners QIC, Goldman Sachs and Pagoda since then, but it’s an important day in the company’s history […]

An Epic love story

Today is the anniversary of the day that changed everything about my life, in a way that was completely unplanned and unexpected. It’s 17 years today since I met my husband, business partner, and love of my life Stuart. Actually that’s a bit of a lie, we’d both attended Monash Uni together back in the late […]