An Epic start to the new financial year!

When we told our Epic team in December 2014 that our coming move into the wider Icon Consolidated Holdings family would provide an outstanding growth platform for them to channel their hunger for expansion and new challenges into, even we didn’t anticipate that it might eventuate quite this quickly!

After formally starting our new life as part of the ICH group on July 1, it’s pretty exciting less than a month later to find that we’ve already got some new siblings, with Friday’s announcement that Slade Health will also be joining us in a transaction that will see the group  include the TGA compounding facilities operated by Slade Health and Fresenius Kabi, who recently signed an agreement to be purchased by Slade.

The Slade Pharmacy businesses will continue to be independently owned and operated by David and Graham Slade, just as Stuart and I and our regional partners continue to own and operate the Epic Pharmacy sites, but we are looking forward to getting to know and work collaboratively with the teams there as we all share both our professional expertise, and maximise the value of our combined pharmacy footprint by bringing together procurement and back of house activities.

In what is possibly a little known fact for many of our team, when Stuart and I first met back in 1998 he was actually Business Manager for the Slade Pharmacy Group, so the Slade family have been well known to us as friends and colleagues for an extended period of time and we are really delighted to be working closely with them again.

All in all, it looks like the new financial year has got off to an Epic start!




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