Month: July 2016

Aspen in the Summer

As a person who hates being cold and is a terrible skiier, Aspen has never been high on my list of must see destinations.  When I was invited to Fortune’s BrainStorm Tech event the appeal was all in the event rather than the location, but these last few days have seen me completely change my […]

Data, drones & drugs – a few more takeaways from DWEN 2016

Our theme at this years DWEN Summit was Innovate for a Future-Ready World, and given DWEN is Dell’s Women’s Entreprenuer Network it would have been reasonable to assume that the innovation component of our discussions would have a very tech heavy focus. While that was certainly true in some instances, Dr Nick van Terheyden, Dell’s Medical […]

Are you the weak link for your brand?

I’m incredibly fortunate to find myself now spending a lot of time travelling around the world looking at where our next opportunities are coming from, and how we can take inspiration from the things I see or experience in other industries and apply those learnings to our own business activities. Far more of those experiences […]