Month: July 2016

How culture led the Firebirds to back to back championships

Today I watched the Firebirds win back to back titles in the ANZ Championship Netball League.  I saw them win last year as well and thought that was a heart stopping game, but today took it up another notch.  Scores were level at the end of the game, and level again at the end of […]

In an increasingly digital world, story telling will remain a key business skill

One of the real benefits digital technologies deliver to business is the continual enhancement of their ability to tell a story. That was one of my key takeaways from the recent Fortune Brainstorm Tech event held in Aspen Colorado. The other was the need to make sure your business has a great data storage strategy, […]

Lessons from my Dad

This is the time of year when memories of my dad are especially top of mind. His birthday was June 30, and today is the anniversary of the day he died, back in 2002. As I get older I find the lessons I learned from dad are coming far more obvious on reflection, and I […]

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