Month: May 2016

24hrs at Windsor Castle

With Eurovision done and dusted, it was time to move onto an incredibly different environment.  Stuart and I had been invited to participate in a thought leadership event on digital living run by the Corsham Institute, which was exciting enough in it’s own right, but when you add in the location being St George’s House at Windsor Castle […]

My Eurovision highlights

So last night it was time for the reason we came to Stockholm, the 2016 Eurovision Grand Final!  Decked out in our Eurovision best, we made our way to the Globen to join the thousands of others from countries all over Europe who had descended on Sweden to cheer on our home favorite. There were no […]

Spring Sunshine in Stockholm

I love the euphoria that accompanies the arrival of spring in Europe. I don’t think as Australians we can ever really appreciate just how good it must be to feel the warmth of the sun again after a long dark winter, but we can certainly jump in and enjoy the sense of fun as people […]