Month: March 2016

Going foraging with the team from noma Sydney

When you’re offered the opportunity to dine at Noma in Sydney, the latest pop up incarnation of the Copenhagen restaurant named best in the world by Restaurant magazine 4 times since 2010, you don’t have to think too hard about saying yes. When it comes accompanied with the opportunity to spend the day on Sydney […]

The Power of Saying Thank You

We recently launched the expanded version of our new online reward and recognition program, and it’s been fantastic to see how people have embraced and enjoyed the ability to recognise and say thank you to their colleagues. We’ve long been big fans of the value of reward and recognition at Epic, and the recent launch […]

Childhood memories can reveal more than you bargained for

My mum has moved house for the first time in over 30 years, and her big clean out has not only unlocked a treasure trove of childhood and family memories, but provided some great early insights into components of my personality. While I’ve previously disclosed my guilty addiction to all things royal, it turns out […]