Month: May 2015

Will 2015 be Australia’s Eurovision moment?

Eurovision holds a special place in many Australian hearts, with over 2.7 million of us tuning in over the course of the weekend screenings of the 2014 contest, and our household contributing to the total on all three nights. It doesn’t matter that it’s not screened live here, as so much of the fun now comes […]

Feeling like a princess at the Bubble Palace

Relocating a fashion show from one continent to another on a few weeks’ notice is a not insignificant logistical exercise, so when Dior announced they were moving their Cruise show from LA to Cannes, it had to be for something pretty special. I had no problem justifying a quick trip to LA  I could combine […]

24-hours in Cannes

Sometimes life presents opportunities that at face value have no rational justification and in fact actually seem to fit far better into the ‘would have been nice but it’s just doesn’t make sense’ category. I was recently faced with one of those when an event I’d been invited to in LA was rescheduled to the […]