Month: January 2015

Glass is still one of the easiest ways to capture a volcano hike!

While Google may have hit pause on Glass consumer sales for now to focus on workplace applications, it doesn’t change the way I’ll be continuing to use my Glass, particularly when it comes to taking photos easily while out and around without having to worry about getting a camera or phone out of my bag […]

Glass shifts to the workplace and Epic Pharmacy is one of them!

Late last year in my post on My Year as a Google Glass Explorer, I spoke about (and fully agreed with) the growing belief that Glass in its current form would not end up seeing a widespread consumer release, but would shift to an enterprise focus. And what do you know, here it is! Today, […]

What do patients think about digital health?

This is the fourth and final post in my series from the Digital Health Summit at CES 2015, following on from posts on wearables, disrupting the doctor visit, and how pharmacy can avoid its own Kodak moment. It was fantastic to see the program include a session on the patient perspective, as all too often […]