Month: September 2014

Why #weareepic was the only choice for the APHS rebrand

When we decided it was time to farewell APHS as our business identity, there was only ever one name considered. Our core values, Energy, Purpose, Innovate and Connect are at the heart of everything we do. Over the last five years we’ve seen them evolve into a broader range of Epic programs that recognise the […]

It might be #farewellAPHS, but it’s not the end of the party!

As the clock ticks down to Tuesday’s big announcement of APHS’ new identity, it’s time to talk about what’s not going to change. The thing that has always made APHS special is our people and their amazing can-do attitude to both work and life. When you work in healthcare, it’s relatively easy to find a sense of purpose […]

Upping the pharmacy style stakes

We’ve been so thrilled with the all of the positive messages we’ve received in relation to this post talking about our new brand. Considering the response, I thought I’d continue to build the anticipation and share some details about the design approach for our new uniforms. I’m a huge believer that what you wear has an […]