Month: September 2014

Bavaria #throughglass

With  Expopharm  wrapped up, it’s time to see some of the sights of Bavaria. The Bavarian kings loved a good castle, so first up we visited Nyphenberg Palace in Munich itself, the summer home built in the 1600s. The interior was stunning and the gardens were incredible! It was perfect for a beautiful stroll on […]

Reinforcing the value of technology – Expopharm #throughglass

Keeping aware of international healthcare trends has always played an important role in the way Stuart and I run our businesses, and this week we visited Expopharm, Europe’s largest pharmacy trade show. We’ve visited Expopharm a number of times now, as the European market has led the world in the introduction and development of large scale medication compliance […]

Pyrotechnics at the Epic Pharmacy launch #throughglass

I’ve written a few posts about our Epic Pharmacy brand launch this week, but this is just a quick bit of fun to show the big reveal pyrotechnics as captured via Google Glass. Thought it might be fun for everyone to see the view Stuart and I had as we pushed the plunger to start […]