Month: August 2014

Space Oddity – Commander Chris Hadfield #throughglass

When Commander Chris Hadfield was in space and posting images of the world  from the International Space Station on social media, my son Sam and I loved following his incredible pictures and adventures. When we heard he was coming to Australia for a special show for Science Week, the same week as Sam’s 10th birthday, we booked […]

Girl Up is visiting Australia for G(irls)20 Summit

This week sees Julie Willig, Grass Roots Officer for Girl Up visiting Australia for the G(irls)20 summit. Before she heads to Sydney for the summit, Julie is  visiting a number of schools in Brisbane to talk about how Girl Up is making a difference in the lives of girls all over the world, and to […]

A money can’t buy opportunity no Australian business woman can afford to miss

This year for the first time ever the Commonwealth Bank Women in Focus team are offering  an Australian business woman the opportunity to win an all expenses paid place at their Annual Conference. As someone who has been fortunate enough to attend this conference twice, this is truly an opportunity that money can’t buy. The […]